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Want to push your website to Chinese thru search engine! But you have too many concern that cannot be solved by all other SEO Service provider.


A New Concept of Value First.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

If the keyword won’t rank on first page on Baidu, we guarantee return 100% all your investment for you.

paid on rank

Paid on Rank

The “Cash on Delivery” make convenience and guarantee of quality. We charge only your keywords rank to the first page.

seo charging

Fair Charging Method

We charge keyword based on DAY. You will only be charged when the day, the keyword rank first page on Baidu.



Why Baidu SEO ?

Here’re few reasons why you need to do Baidu SEO for Chinese Market.

  1. China is a Biggest Leading Market, there’re 1.393 billion nationals (2018).
  2. There are One billion people searching for “Covid-19 disease” on Baidu Search Engine.
  3. Until 2019 June, China online shopping user reach 639 Million.
  4. Travel booking have 418 Million.
  5. People using Online payment is about 633 Million.

china online user statistic
*The above data are collected from China Government.

These years, we found many great company want to offer their excellent product to the high demand market “China”, but due to difficulty of language, culture, and more, make them dispel this idea.
That’s why we offer so many Chinese services and Today…
the Unbeatable Baidu SEO Services
That Can Bring You Chinese Success.

Let us be your Baidu SEO Expert



How Baidu SEO Work

Choose a Package

Submit Keyword

Rank First Page

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Baidu SEO Package

The only package we recently have is:

  • 5 keywords
  • Rank on First Page
  • $210/month
  • $1.4/day/keyword
  • 2 month Optimise Cost

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