SEO Services

SEO Services refers to providing customers or companies with professional technical support services such as search engine operation methods, search results, search content, etc.

Through the understanding of search engines, optimize the website to make it SEO friendly, and eventually push the website to the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) of relevant keywords.

Companies obtained huge amount of visitor daily from search engine and convert them to a customer in the end.

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Get Traffic

Do you know that ? A successful website can bring hundred, thousand, or even more visitor everyday for FREE.
In this Internet generation, once you get traffics (visitor) then you can monetise it. That’s why so many influencer nowadays, using social media platform to attract a lot of fans and make their first buck. Many companies hire them to promote their products and services, and influencer will get paid from it.

Difficult ?

I’ve believe that today you enter into this page, you must be curious about SEO.

You might think:

“Why’s my website don’t even have a single visitor a day.”

You’ve invest so much, but it look like very useless and cannot even make you a single dollar more.
Or you’re another kind of person, you invest a lot of money on facebook advertising and google ads, it might be cost you hundreds even thousands dollars a day.

Facebook Ads Can’t Last Long

Facebook advertising or google ads might be a good idea for you to get customer. However if you stop advertise on ads, your business will be affected, therefore you cannot stop in the advertising.
Because you are using ads to get new customer, once you stop running the ads, all your customer gone and it can’t last long.

Facebook Ads are also increasingly difficult to get result due to the required knowledge, facebook algorithm and many many other factors. The cost of facebook ads are also increase because the competition of the ads serve. If you don’t want to get into this scenario, try search engine optimisation.

So We need SEO

Why we need search engine optimisation SEO ? I’ve talked about this “A successful website can bring hundred, thousand, or even more visitor everyday for FREE.”. A successful website could simply mean a good SEO website, which can obtain countless free visitor. SEO unlike the ads you spend, once you stop, traffic end. SEO is a long way process, you won’t see the effect immediately, however, it won’t disappear immediately too. If you keep the process, the only thing i can confirm is it will get better and better.

You can imagine SEO is like Workout. You won’t see your muscle swell only if you do one time. However if you keep it for couple of months, you will see your body start to change, you’ll get stronger and stronger. But once you stop workout, your body won’t come down immediately, it will go down over the time.

Many people (like you and me) searching for somethings on search engine like google, baidu, yahoo, etc every single second. Google processes approximately 70,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.8 billion searches per day.
If our website is on the top of the SERP for certain keyword, the higher changes people will be enter to our website. That’s why some companies doesn’t paid for advertisement but still can get SALE.

SEO Is Not Easy

Of course, everyone want to be the first position or in the first page on search engine. But this certainly need to paid a lot of effort, with a strong SEO knowledge to be achieved. It’s very difficult to get number one, two or three position in google for certain HIGH competition keyword, because the competition is too high. You can check how many website are related to the search term on Google or Baidu search engine page.

For this “seo services” there’re 492,000,000 related website are competing with this keyword. If you want to go to front page in search engine, you have to out rank all these number of website.

The few website you see first, their website content and all other factors that affect ranking, must be the best in the world, then only Google and Baidu will put them at the top page. Search Engine will consider a good website including the content, user experience, domain authority and other many many factors.

Don’t Worry
We Can Help

You might be give up and say: “It’s too and i can’t make it work.”

But SEO is not an impossible task, because you got us! And that’s reason why we’re here to help you out. The chance you can get to the top position is significantly high and you will get many traffic from search engine for FREE.

We (Maomaochia) got thousands of visitors a day visit our website and it’s totally FREE. We don’t do any paid advertisement to get traffic and the only reason they find us is because we optimise our website SEO to an extreme level, that’s why we can get so many visitor everyday.

Let’s imagine today, if you have thousand visitor come over your website and only 1% of people are interested about your products or services. That are dozens of people, and you’re better start hire more salesman now.

Nowadays, many big companies start putting effort on SEO in their marketing work, because this truly is a better and longer marketing strategies. To be honest, SEO is not an easy task, and it required a lot of work so the cost is slightly higher. It’s really not suitable for all company. Just like a personal enterprise, social media marketing might be a better option, unless they got the knowledge of SEO, so they can do it themselve.

SEO Company

We’re an SEO company agency in SEA Malaysia but SEO is a Global business which many company need. So we’re not only work for company in our country, we do work for oversea. And take the advantage, the cost are far more efficiency due to the currency and standard of living.

Hire a foreign SEO agency are more cost-effective.

SEO Package

SEO is a technical service which required a lot of works and time. Each SEO company provide different pricing model, so the cost of SEO are normally based on 2 things:

1. Work – How many work will be done in the progress.
2. Time – How long will be contribute in monthly SEO work.

We truly understand every companies need, thus we sort out every part as an optional for add-on.



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