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Web design services include front-end design, back-end construction, content creation, database, etc., combine all these to create a functional website.

Although Internet have begin for long time, but there are great advancement in web technology. Due to the advancement of the Internet, a websites have gradually become an Important Image on the Internet for a company.

Website development has also been progressed from the old-school to the professional high standard.

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Essential Today

互联网 internet

Website have become an indispensable component for company. I still remember there’s a startup graduated young people, they found me to fix some website problem. In the conversation, I know he’s lack of capital in their startup, so i’m decide to do them some favours.
So i asked: Did you know build a Website for startup could be a heavy investment ?
He said: I know. That’s why i build it myself. But unfortunately, i still cannot build out a satisfied website even there’re tons of tutorial on the internet.
A professional is necessary if i have the budget, that’s i find you and need your help.
I said: Why insist on a get website ?
He said: Nowadays, young people like me, comfort on online shopping. Therefore, a Website is ESSENTIAL TODAY.

Build Up Your Business

Build Up Your Business

For today’s people, browsing the internet, looking for fun, online shopping and more have become a natural behaviour. The convenience of Internet has deeply affected the younger generation, and then the generation after, until the whole society.
If you’ve been to China Shanghai before, you’ll see the prosperity of the Internet. Whether in shopping malls, convenience stores, small shops, subways, buses, taxis, street food, street musicians, or even beggars, they’re all using mobile payments.
Chinese are used to paid by mobile payment. 92% of people in China’s largest cities use Wechat Pay or Alipay as their main means of payment. All they need is just bring their phone, scan QRcode to completed a variety of transactions. Whether it is water utilities, electricity, gas, cellphone recharge, trips, hospital or daily shopping.
Obviously, the advancement of the future trends could be seen through the current China. What we can follow this trends, all begin with a WEBSITE.
No matter what’s your industries, our website design services can improve your business strategies by using internet. For example food and beverage, make an order thru online have been very common in China, even their grandma will do. Or service industry, let customer make an appointment online; or directly bought somethings online in a retail shop.

Bill Gates Agreed that


Remember that Bill Gates said – “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

There’re no doubt about having a website, because the most successfully people in the world also agreed that.

Go Online Now

No matter what Industries you are today, start move your business to the Internet by finding a great website design company. The impact on the Internet for human, create a new way to communicate, work and share Information, human life style totally changed. Companies using Internet to increase business productivity, reduce cost and create next level marketing strategy.
If your company still doesn’t have a website that WORK. All you have to do today, is just leave us a message, and we will make you a website that Sell.


Web Design Portfolio

This is our web design portfolio. Few excellent client we had serve from the past.

primal credit-website design


Development Pricing

Here is our website development pricing plan.

You can get an estimation based on your requirement or need, to have a clear picture of your investment in mind.


Website Design Features

Maomaochia is a popular new rising web design company because we truly understand what’re the most important features that’s necessary for today successful website.

Responsive Layout

Old school webpage that look too small in mobile visit. We do site adjusts and looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Minimalist Design

We truly know that fancy design cannot last long. We work on minimalist design that make your business won’t look outdated.

Stats Dashboard

To have a full insight view of your daily visitor from the stats dashboard. You can check by device, location, time and more detail.

SEO Optimise

Search engine is the largest referrer that bring visitor to your website for FREE. We optimize website to make the better SEO results.

Light Weight

75% of visitors leave a website take over 1 second to load. We develop light weight website because we know that speed is crucial.

Standard CDN

Load pages faster by optimize your images and serve your images and web static files from global network of servers (CDN).

Cache Memory

Store some data in your browser for fast browsing on next visit. Google do it. Our website also provide cache for best user experience.

Image Optimise

Improve your site’s speed and create a smoother viewing experience. Images will load as visitors scroll down the screen, instead of all at once.

Marketing Psychological

The purpose of website is to increase brand awareness and make more sales. It should designed with the goal of generating leads and sales.


Website Maintenance

You only focus on your business. Forget about the technical part and tiresome monthly maintenance, we’ll do the rest.

Website Hosting

No worry about setup a hosting for your website. We provide efficient managed hosting for our website development service.

CMS Training

We provide training for you to play around your website by post new blog post, update new content and more.

Software Updates

An outdated software might occur a crash for website. We update manually and make sure it is compatible with the website.

Domain Mail

Instead of using [email protected], it’s look not professional. You could have custom domain email like [email protected]

Website Maintenance

Worry free about lack of human resource for your website maintenance. We will do all this for you to keep your website operate normally.

Quarterly Health Check

We will keep your website healthy by running a depth health check quarterly. Bug fixes, troubleshooting, website parameter errors and virus.

SSL Secure

Hacked is dangerous! While surfing online, you personal information might at risk. Website we build come with SSL secure URL protect.

Malware Protection

In order to keep your website without malware infection. We work on several way to protect your website.


Advanced Add-on

We know all our client need. Therefore advanced features that can scale your business.

Advance Analysis

A standard stats might not enough for your company future growth. We will integrate professional webmaster and analysis system.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is a well known Internet security and CDN provider. We use this to make your website to another level.


Your customer know English, Chinese, Malay, Spanish and more than 24 languages ? We build all language that fit your need.

Search Rank Reports

A keyword rank reports show your website ranked keyword position. So you’ll be able to keep track and optimize more. Learn More about SEO



Some client already have a website, they came for revamping.
For a smooth web development, we might need certain criteria, but you’re not necessary to provide everything mentioned below.

1. Domain Name
2. Website Name
3. Certain Content (If have)
4. Logo (If have)
5. Image (If have)
6. Contact Info
7. Business Info



There’re 543,000 new businesses are started each month, 750 per hours.
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